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Best of Summer 2015

Best of Summer 2015


It’s been a busy summer for the arts. From big-budget franchise films to thought-provoking reads and album releases, a leisure team of writers and editors have pooled together a list of personal favorites from Summer 2015. End of the Tour Based on David Lipsky’s memoir Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself, The End…

Editor’s Note


After a period of internal discussion, the Voice decided to remove a post,  “An Open Letter to the Entire Georgetown Community,” from our website. Editing changes related to verification, ethics and privacy standards that were planned for the post were not reflected in the published article. The decision to remove the post does not necessarily…

The <em>Voice</em> Explains: Track Program Investigations

The Voice Explains: Track Program Investigations


On July 31, the university released a statement regarding the results of two ongoing investigations into the men’s and women’s track teams that took place because of various allegations of racial bias and sexual misconduct. In light of the many blog posts, tweets, and university statements, it may be difficult to form a full understanding…

Guide to New Student Orientation

Guide to New Student Orientation


With NSO starting in just a few weeks, you’re probably wondering what this orientation thing is all about. Below, we’ve republished and compiled some words of wisdom from previous Voice staffers and previous editions of Prefrosh Preview to help you get a sense of what your first few days on the Hilltop will be like. You…

Getting drunk at Georgetown

Getting drunk at Georgetown


Editor’s note: This post is intended to provide a realistic and helpful picture of the undergraduate drinking culture at Georgetown. The information in this post is generally common knowledge and does not come from The Voice’s personal experience. The Voice does not endorse breaking any laws. As bars continue to close across Georgetown, and local police continue…

To the Georgetown community


To the Georgetown community, Earlier this week, the Georgetown Voice printed a cartoon depicting two GUSA executive candidates in a horse costume being beaten by two other GUSA executive candidates. The persons in the suit were a black man and a white woman. The persons on the attack were both white men. The Georgetown Voice…

Best of 2014: The <em>Voice</em>‘s top 10 movies and albums

Best of 2014: The Voice‘s top 10 movies and albums


Movies 1. Boyhood Richard Linklater’s 11-year epic Boyhood is nothing short of a landmark film. Boyhood follows the life of Mason Evans, Jr. (Ellar Coltrane), from his early elementary school days to his college move-in day. Cast at the age of 8, Coltrane plays the role with tremendous honesty, exhibiting growth both as Mason and as…

Reviews Haiku’d


The Hobbit “How shall this day end?” With Bilbo, the homies, and A big ass dragon Fifty Shades of Gray Sex, sex, kinky sex, This girl looks like she’s fourteen What’s with the blindfold? The Hunger Games Has Katniss lost it Or will she keep up the fight? Hashtag free Henle The Gambler Marky Mark’s…

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