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<i>Runaways</i> Breaks New Ground

Runaways Breaks New Ground


There’s been good Marvel TV shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones). There’s been bad ones (Iron Fist, Inhumans). And there’s even been ones that were just okay (Defenders). Marvel’s latest endeavor, Runaways, is something else entirely. The show opens with Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz) trying to reunite with his friends Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano), Karolina Dean (Virginia…

The Good in <i>The Mechanism</i>

The Good in The Mechanism


Chances are, if you’ve already watched this show, you’re from Brazil or going through a Narcos hangover. I don’t blame you: I’m a combination of both, which is probably what made me give this show a try. And it was….wow. O Mecanismo (translated into The Mechanism) is a political drama loosely based off the real…

<i>The Punisher</i>: The Best of Marvel Netflix

The Punisher: The Best of Marvel Netflix


Out of all the things about this show, Marvel’s The Punisher’s release date had to be the most puzzling. Planned for November 2017 after fans’ wildly positive reviews about the character’s first appearance in Daredevil, it premiered right after Marvel’s Defenders, somehow closing the year for the Marvel Netflix shows despite being, up to that…

<i>Happy Death Day</i> Kills It As A Comedy

Happy Death Day Kills It As A Comedy


Calling Happy Death Day a horror movie is a bit of a stretch. It has its fair share of jump scares, screams, and murder, but when the entire audience erupts in laughter at least five times in the first thirty minutes, it’s clear that this was misbranding.   The film centers around Tree Gelbman (Jessica…

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