The Weekly List: Back to School

August 31, 2015


Welcome back to the Hilltop, Hoyas! For our inaugural Weekly List, we’ve put together a playlist of some great end of summer/beginning of school tunes to get you acclimated to the new school year. Happy travels, friends, and welcome home!


The Beach Boys— Please Let Me Wonder

….what it would be like to have summer stay here forever (minus the humidity, of course). The Beach Boys’ classic summer sound can slowly transition Hoyas not quite ready to leave the warm months behind into the DC fall.


Calvin Harris— School

Cue one of the catchiest synth riffs to grace your headphones when you get to campus. Calvin Harris’ aptly-titled song will have you dancing through Red Square before the school season even begins.


Ducktails— Killin the Vibe

“Don’t go killin, killin the vibe”… school. This is a great song with an ethereal sound guaranteed to get you through both study sessions and move-in nightmares alike. Ducktails’ echoey alternative sound provides great background music, anytime.


Allen Stone— Upside

This rhythmic, soulful pop-funk tune— off of Stone’s latest album, Radius— showcases the singer’s chops and incredible musicality. Play this tune at an end-of-summer kickback. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


Alabama Shakes— Hang Loose

Speaking of chops, Alabama Shakes’ leading lady, Brittany Howard, has some of the best around. Hang Loose shares the *important* reminder to relax and let go of worries— a great message for all of us as we enter a new academic year.


Ducktails— Under Cover

Yes, Ducktails, all I want is to go under the covers after a long day of reminding my parents what dorm I’m in, dodging RHO move-in carts, and taking in the splendor that is Georgetown in September. I gladly accept your offer.


Alabama Shakes— Sound & Color

Alabama Shakes’ song from the album of the same name offers a fresh new sound for the bluesy, soul-rock quartet. If you’re in need of a great move-in, plane-ride, or long drive playlist, check out Alabama Shakes’ album. Their artistic guitar riffs and Howard’s ridiculous vocal range make for a beautiful sophomore record.


Kendrick Lamar— i

Hey everyone, things get hard sometimes.  So remember, yelling “I LOVE MYSELF!!!” in the mirror (or in public, it’s up to you) can be all the reminder you need to turn a difficult weekday around.


Saint Paul & The Broken Bones— Like a Mighty River

“Oh but I, I am just working hard / and you, you / you’ve been just working, too / And all of us, / ah, we just play it cool.” Tell me those lyrics don’t speak to you, Georgetown student. Welcome back to the daily grind!


Cold War Kids— Hang Me Up to Dry

Get it? Like your laundry? That you have to do again now that you’re back at school? While your family moves you in, make sure you get them to buy you an extra container of Tide for the school year. :)


Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe— Shake It Out

Arguably better than its cousin tune “Shake it Off,” and also a great motto to bring into the new school year. Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe provides a soulful, upbeat song to dance along to while you move into your new home on the Hilltop.  


The Weekly List is a weekly themed playlist provided by Voice staffers— if you have an idea for a playlist, email Halftime at halftimegu@gmail.com.

Photo: Daniel Varghese, The Georgetown Voice

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