Concert Preview: Glass Animals, 9/25 Echostage

September 19, 2016

Photo: Flickr

The British indie-rock group Glass Animals released their sophomore album, How to be a Human Being, on August 26th. Following the success of their 2014 debut album ZABAGlass Animals continues to build on their existing follower base with a new record that immerses the listener into their weird and whimsical world.

Even after the release of one album, Glass Animals has already established a very unique sound. Their songs are characterized by smooth indie beats blended over electronic noises and nonsensical, rhythmic lyrics. How to be a Human Being, remains true to the vibe of their first album, but with added complexities. The record is headed by “Youth,” a catchy, upbeat tune perfect for dancing, but quickly transitions into a strange realm. “Season 2 Episode 3” is a wistful song with quirky lyrics (“My girl eats mayonnaise while she’s getting blazed”) featuring arcade video-game inspired background sounds, while “[Premade Sandwiches]” is a thirty-six second electronic rap about modern consumption culture. The album feels like it’s floating in and out of consciousness, featuring vivid characters and unexpected sounds around every corner.

The group played a large festival circuit this past summer that spanned Europe, Australia, and the U.S. Currently, the band is performing at major North American cities, which will be followed by several cities in the United Kingdom and nine other European countries. Glass Animals will perform at Echostage in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, September 25th.


Tickets are available here.

Devon O'Dwyer
Devon studied Government in the College, is the Voice's former assistant podcast editor, and a former leisure editor. She spends a lot of time making playlists.


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