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The Weekly List: Broadway’s Best

September 20, 2016

Showtunes get a bad rep. From jazz hands to overly enthusiastic dancing and singing, people always consider showtunes to be cheesy or obnoxious. However, there are a lot of songs that break the mold, and can be listened to while working out, studying, or just everyday life. With that in mind, Halftime presents the Weekly List: Broadway’s Best.

  1. “The Schuyler Sisters” -Hamilton

Who doesn’t love the obsession that is Hamilton? It’s hip-hop beat and Destiny’s Child vibe keep you dancing while learning about United States history.

2. “Whipped into Shape” -Legally Blonde: The Musical

This song, the opener to the second act, literally portrays a workout video. Picture yourself as Brooke Wyndham, jump roping and whipping yourself into fitness.

3. “Friendship” –Anything Goes

This is a cheesy number whose strange noises will have you chuckling and never cease to put a smile on your face.

4. “No Good Deed” –Wicked

What kind of thespian would I be without including a song from Wicked? This is one of those full ballads that everyone loves but everyone overlooks in favor of “Defying Gravity”.

5. “You Can’t Stop the Beat” –Hairspray

Everyone loves to loathe Hairspray but it’s a wonderful guilty pleasure. This wonderful, cheery ending never fails to cheer anyone up with its bright, 1960s tune.

6. “Brotherhood of Man” –How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

As you can see, I have a thing for finales. This is a wonderful song that I just want to bust out in full tap dance to.

7. “Still Hurting” –The Last Five Years

While nowhere near as positive as the previous songs, this song is perfect for a good cry. Whether the stress of school, relationships, and clubs gets to you, you can always listen to it with a pint of ice cream in hand.


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