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The Weekly List: Inauguration Chill

January 16, 2017


This weekend is a big one with the Inauguration (or The End of the World, whichever title you find more appropriate) on Friday and the Women’s March on Saturday. It’s likely to be an emotional weekend, and, for some much-needed relaxation, I propose to declare Sunday a duvet day. This is a British expression referring to a mental health day where leaving your bed is forbidden except for eating and bathroom purposes. Here is a playlist in support of your duvet day plans.

“Spiegel Im Spiegel” – Angéle Dubeau & La Pietá

Yes, it’s 8 minutes. Go with it. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful songs ever created, and I find it physically impossible to be stressed when listening to it. Find somewhere to sit or lay down, whatever you please, and just let it wash over you.

“Freshly Laundered Linen (feat. Phox)” – Boom Forest

An apt song for a duvet day. The static-y background of this song gives the relaxed feel of listening to it on a record player.

“_____45______” – Bon Iver

This song’s main lyric is “Well I’ve been carved in fire / Well I’ve been caught in fire”. Pretty good for reflecting on the weekend and life as a whole.

“Within the Rose” – Matthew and the Atlas

This folk song is slow and sweet. It’s stripped down sound focusing on banjo and beautiful intertwining vocals is perfect for a quiet snooze.

“Field (feat. Ren Ford)” – Keaton Henson

Skip this one if you’re not a fan of mournful violin or classical music. But, like “Spiegel Im Spiegel,” it’s stunning and cathartic.

“Un-Thinkable” – I’m Ready

This cover by City and Colour always reminds me of sitting under a blanket on a rainy day.  

“Re: Stacks” – Bon Iver

I’ve yet to find anyone who doesn’t find the combination of Bon Iver’s acoustic guitar, voice, and complex poetic lyrics utterly calming.


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