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Trailer Takes: All Eyez on Me, Unforgettable and The Mummy

April 12, 2017

All Eyez on Me: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1666185/?ref_=vi_tr_mp_t_2


Claire: Making the story of Tupac into a movie had to be done, it’s just a question of whether it will be done right. The trailer for All Eyez on Me gives it a seemingly perfect balance of drama and documentary, and Demetrius Shipp Jr. appears to have a firm grasp of the character (this is also his first major role). The only worry is that it will rely on the tired narrative of dealing with the downsides of fame instead of on Tupac’s impact and driving persona. The trailer spent too much time covering the drugs/women/violence aspect of Tupac’s life, and while that definitely should be addressed, it shouldn’t be the baseline.


Brynn: This movie looks like it will be a great watch for Tupac fans and the general public alike. For fans, it will be an opportunity to follow the epic story line of the legendary artist that is Tupac. For the general public, it will be a realistic portrayal of many struggles faced by the black community woven into an interesting and dramatic plot. I do not get the impression that audiences will flock to the theaters to see this movie, but I do think it will be a good film that will spark conversations about racism, music, and the life of the one and only Tupac.


Mary: All Eyez on Me is a refreshing take on the genre of biographical films. Although I do not know much about Tupac or his music, I am immediately drawn to this dramatic documentary. There seems to be many layers to this narrative, and the potential complexity of this movie is perhaps its most intriguing aspect. Tupac’s music and his effect on the image of the black community are compelling subjects worth exploring. Though the trailer may have oversold the film, I think that All Eyez on Me will prove to be a thought-provoking and inspiring experience.


Unforgettable: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3462710/?ref_=vi_tr_mp_t_4


Claire: Nope. Absolutely not. There is no way in hell that this movie will be remotely good. Katherine Heigl belongs in cheesy rom-coms, not psychological relationship thrillers. And even though there is a space for this genre, using a crazy ex-wife who manipulates her child and still loves her husband to push the plotline is just too much. It doesn’t seem serious enough. It lacks the creative effort that makes thrillers good. It just looks dumb.


Brynn: As much as I want to find out how this movie plays out and ultimately ends, I was very stressed by the trailer, so I think the full film would just give me massive anxiety.  Because it looks so incredibly dramatic and convoluted, I think I’d rather watch it on the couch at home than head to the theaters to see it. I really just do not believe that it will end well for any of the characters, and I would rather cope with that in the comfort of my own home. That being said, I do not think the plotline is particularly innovative or special. Two women fighting basically to the death over a man? Yawn. Once I am invested in watching it, I will be very into the suspense and action, but I do not think it would be on a day that I feel like watching anything particularly intellectual or discussable.


Mary: It is unfortunate that Unforgettable actually seems very forgettable. The over dramatic music and exaggerated acting detracts from the film’s potential to be a true thriller. Even though the preview attempts to capture my interest with its melodramatic plot, I find myself extremely apathetic. The combination of Katherine Heigl’s lackluster performance and the genre of psychological thrillers in general is not to my taste, but I could understand if this movie became a hit at the box office. There is an undeniable appeal of scandalous and dramatic movies that provide purely superficial entertainment.


The Mummy: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2345759/videoplayer/vi3343693337?ref_=tt_ov_vi


Claire: It’s like if Indiana Jones were a horror movie. And I think I’m okay with that. Tom Cruise (as always) perfectly suits the role of lead action hero, and his female counterpart seems bearable. Obviously this isn’t going to be the film of the year, but it’s certainly watchable. The trailer didn’t really stand out as more than any other action-horror movie, setting up the plot while showing typical glimpses of the fear-inducing scenes. I did appreciate the use of “Paint It Black” in the background (sorry Brynn). My “hard to take it seriously” moment though was the initial trailer release from a couple months ago that didn’t include a soundtrack and was absolutely ridiculous.


Brynn: Although I never saw the original The Mummy (1991), the remake does not look fantastic. I cannot deny that I would watch it; however, I would not rush to the theater to see it either. Part of me wants to know what happens, but part of me thinks it will be the same as every other white washed action movie. I also find it very hard to take a movie trailer seriously when “Paint It Black” is playing in the background. It makes everything feel more upbeat and less intense. This looks like a rental. I doubt it will get amazing reviews.

Mary: This trailer, though action-packed and star-studded, fails to pique my interest. Fans of the original film may dutifully watch this new remake, but I don’t think The Mummy will be a widespread success in theaters. For one thing, the entire plot is basically revealed in the 2 minute preview, and it seems every bit as predictable as one would imagine it to be. Tom Cruise reprises his signature role as a chiseled and intense hero, and there is nothing inspiring or exciting about his performance. The Mummy seems like a film for a long airplane ride or an uneventful evening.

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