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The Weekly List: Best Friends’ Night In

March 26, 2019

As much as a fun night out is needed every once in a while, so is a night in with your best friend. Whether one of you is having relationship troubles, friendship troubles, or just growing-up troubles, it’s always fun to stay in with your best friend and just dance your problems away. I hope these songs get you and your best friend up and grooving!


“You’re Such A” by Hailee Steinfeld

If it’s that kinda night where your best friend has just gone through some boy (or girl) trouble, has come over to your house in search of a place to scream out all of his or her frustrations, this is that song. You’re such a … douche, stupid idiot, loser, the list goes on forever!


“Best Friend” by Grandson

Haven’t seen your best friend in what feels like forever? This is the song to jam out to together the minute your night in begins. *Jumps on bed strumming an air guitar* *popcorn flies everywhere*


“Best Friend” by Rex Orange County

Same name, but far from the same song. This is the perfect mellow track for you and bestie to nod off to. Plus, we all know that this is everyone’s favorite Rex song.


“Year 3000” by The Jonas Brothers

Every pair of best friends has a boy band spirit animal. Spoiler alert: It’s either Jonas Brothers or One Direction. So for the besties who had Jo-Bro posters all over their bedroom walls growing up, this song is for you.


“Good Old Days” by Macklemore ft. Kesha

Taking it back a notch, this low-key song is for that time in the evening where you and your bestie shed a few tears. Whether it’s after watching The Notebook (2004) for the 20th time or after thinking about that person who hasn’t texted you back, all bestie nights include a 30-minute cry session.


“Death of a Bachelor” by Panic! At the Disco

In that junior year angsty phase? Just an avid Brendon Urie fan? No doubt that this song was you and your bestie’s anthem at one point or another. List and reminisce on the “Good Old Days.”


“Root Beer Float” by Olivia O’Brien ft. blackbear

This is a carefree, good-time kinda song. Perfect for that time in the night when you and bestie raid every inch of the fridge. From root beer floats to warm chocolate chip cookies and brownies, you and your bestie can make a DENT in the pantry.


“True Feeling” by Galantis

Need a confidence boost? This is your song. Without a doubt this song will give anyone a mood booster within minutes.

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