NHS Dean Patricia Cloonan stepping down

May 15, 2019

Patricia Cloonan, the Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Studies, is stepping down at the end of this summer and returning to the faculty, according to an email sent by university President John DeGioia on May 9.

Cloonan, who has worked at Georgetown for over twenty years, has served as the Dean of the NHS for the last five years. DeGioia praised her work in launching new programs in the NHS, and overseeing an increase both in applications to the school and the online nursing education program.

Cloonan has also served as the chair as Health Systems Administration and co-led the Health Care Leadership Institute. She has been recognized for her work with the Georgetown University Medical Center’s Outstanding Service Award in 2014, and the Distinguished Healthcare Leader Award from the National Association of Health Services Executives in 2018.

Outside of the university, Cloonan also directs a project for community health workers in DC.

DeGioia wrote that he and Dr. Edward B. Healton, Executive Vice President for Health Sciences and Executive Dean of our School of Medicine would be announcing a plan for interim leadership shortly. The university will then choose Cloonan’s successor.

Annemarie Cuccia
Annemarie is an avid Voice reader and former editor-in-chief. She hopes she left the magazine better than she found it.

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