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Trailer Takes: Raising Dion, Frozen II, The King’s Man

Raising Dion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6koPaImHzY

Anna: Sci-Fi and Michael B. Jordan! Now that’s a combination I never thought I would experience. Does it work? Maybe, possibly, probably not. Although the dramatic music helps build intrigue throughout the trailer, it still feels awkward. I will say that this trailer does not spoil too much about the show. There are some questions still left circling in my mind after watching it: What superpowers does Dion have exactly? Is Dion’s father dead? Does Dion’s mother find him in the end? I am getting Bright (2018) vibes from this trailer. While I am not completely sold on this show, it is on Netflix after all so I will probably end up binging it late one friday night.

Sienna: You had me at Michael B. Jordan. I mean, is the trailer great? No. Will I watch it almost solely because Michael B. Jordan is in it? Yes. I’m not expecting anything exceptional, but based on the trailer, I’m sure it will be entertaining. I worry that the special effects might end up reading as comical or distracting from what could be an emotionally wrenching plot, but if they strike the right balance the mother-son relationship could be a tear-jerker. I’m a sucker for a good supernatural thriller with a dash of cheese, and it looks like this movie will deliver exactly that. 

Nathan: While the amount of media featuring superheroes has caused me to be apprehensive about another origin story, the fact that this show centers on a superpowered child is certainly intriguing. A child having to deal with new powers in addition to the loss of his father is rife with dramatic potential and heart wrenching moments. However, the trailer’s hints at a full explanation of the powers and glimpses into the wider world of heroes causes me to worry that the show will become too bogged down in its world-building to advance the complex situation that the main characters occupy. If the core storyline of the mother and child dealing with their new life is fully fleshed out, then the show can have as many CGI spectacles as it desires. I might have to add this show to my never-ending queue if reviews are positive.

Frozen II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwzLiQZDw2I

Anna: My one major take away: Olaf will always hold the key to my heart. Frozen II seems just as intriguing as the initial Frozen film. This trailer does not fail to pull me in and make me wonder: Will Elsa and Anna save Arendale? One thing I really appreciate is that Elsa and Anna’s relationship is not sugar coated. Frozen and Frozen II do a great job of showing that no relationship is perfect, but putting in work and accepting each other is a way to strengthen sisterly bonds. In a world of participation trophies, it is great to see some honesty in a Disney film. While I may not be fighting the masses of 5 year olds streaming into theaters to see this one, I will definitely catch it one way or another. 

Sienna: In all honesty, I wasn’t a fan of the first Frozen movie, and I probably won’t see this one either. It will likely entertain some children or diehard, nostalgic fans, but the plot seems repetitive at best, and scattered and unfocused at worst. They are introducing some new characters and expanding the Frozen universe, but the basic elements remain the same: Can Elsa control her magic? Sure. As long as her sisterly bond with Anna is strong, anything is possible. The first movie did a good job of crafting Elsa as a fleshed out character apart from any romantic interest. Filmmakers said they didn’t feel she was “ready for a relationship,” as she’s carrying the weight of all her queenly responsibility. I’d say viewers can look forward to more character development and backstory for Elsa. There were also a few solid feminist lines in the trailer. Notably, Elsa scolds Anna for acting recklessly by saying, “You can’t just follow me into fire,” and Anna responds, “Then don’t run into fire.” Lines like these represent not only the strong bond between the two sisters but also just the general female badassery that Frozen has become known for. 

Nathan: It took them six years but Disney has brought back the Frozen crew in an attempt to establish a franchise (since they don’t have enough already). The trailer shows a more action-packed adventure that takes them to new locales and dangers that weren’t shown in the last movie but were definitely there. The song choice provided an air of mystery and wonder that paired well with the narrative that’s being presented; however, it probably doesn’t reflect the movie’s soundtrack due to the inevitability of Broadway show tunes in animated Disney films. Only Anna and Elsa seem to have plotlinesover conflicts that I thought were resolved in the last filmwhile the rest of the characters are there for either comedic relief or exposition. The only thing that makes me interested in this film is whether the children watching it will feel nostalgia for the first time in their lives.

The King’s Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aq0o2C6LVE

Anna: I am not too familiar with the Kingsmen franchise so this trailer was somewhat confusing to me. While I love a good action-packed movie, this trailer felt like it was lacking plot and was just a series of action scenes melded together. The cinematics are great, but I would love a little more insight into what the movie will be about. In general, a trailer should leave the viewer with something to question. Not to the point of confusion, more so a desire to see the movie in order to find out more.However, after watching this trailer, really the only question in my head is: What is this movie even about?

Sienna: Voldemort!! Sorry, I got excited. I love Ralph Fiennes, so I have faith that any movie he stars in will at least be baseline enjoyable. I didn’t love the gratuitous, violent ending of the first Kingsman film, so I’m hoping that this one doesn’t fall into the same trap. It seems like the action in this movie highlights cool gadgets and hand-to-hand combat, rather than bombs and machine guns. That may be indicative of the time period, but either way, I view it as a positive. It’s more exciting from an action standpoint and less gory in general. The trailer is exhilarating and made me excited to see this movie. 

Nathan: The trailer has the energy and tone of the previous Kingsman films so it’s already off to a good start. Setting it in the past allows for some unique interactions, like having Rapsutin as a central antagonist, but could lead to the oversimplification of historical events as Hollywood movies are prone to do. I will miss the present-day setting dearly since lots of humor from the original film came from the juxtaposition of spy tropes against modern attitudes, namely cynicism; this is exemplified by the abundance of stupid yet cool gadgets and the over-the-top villian plots that the characters take somewhat seriously. It remains to be seen if the humorous tone of the previous films can be matched by a setting that’s less relatable to current audiences. The action scenes still look top notch so this might be one to watch in theaters or to at least look at when it drops on streaming services.

Sienna Brancato
is a senior in the College majoring in English and minoring in Government and Italian. She has done some things for the Voice, and will continue to do some things.

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