Georgetown offers limited summer housing at discounted cost

May 23, 2020

Photo: The Georgetown Voice

With all camps and conferences cancelled and classes moved online through July, Georgetown will sit nearly empty through the summer months. However, the campus will remain a refuge for a handful of students through the summer, offering summer housing to those still on campus. 

Georgetown has offered free transition housing to students currently on campus through June 1, and will then allow students to stay on campus for a discounted rate through the remainder of the summer, according to a university spokesperson. The university expects a little over 100 students to remain on campus. Both graduated seniors and continuing students will be allowed to live in dorms for $1,500 through Aug. 8, when housing will transition to prepare for the fall semester, according to a May 4 email obtained by the Voice. 

A few hundred students remained on campus after classes moved online in March. Though they did not receive housing refunds like the students who moved out, they did not have to pay any additional fees. All students were initially asked to try to move out by May 15 and told they would be charged $50 every day after through June 1, though that fee was later waived. 

The university originally asked students to pay $3,850 to remain on campus for the summer, according to an April 30 email obtained by the Voice. That price was discounted to $1,500 on May 4 due to “serious concerns” expressed by students about inability to pay, according to a second email. Students can now opt to stay until July 4 at a cost of $750. 

Jessica Amaya (NHS ’23) is one of those students remaining on campus. For her, the lower costs are a reflection of students advocating for the support they needed over the summer. “A number of students on campus were unable to pay, but we also didn’t have anywhere to go,” she said. “So we had to advocate for what we needed.”

Georgetown Scholars Program students and Community Scholars Program will receive additional aid to stay on campus, and students can apply for summer financial aid and covid relief funds indicating they plan on remaining on campus. 

Though these prices are below the semester rate of over $1,200 a month, it is a higher cost than some were expecting to pay prior to the pandemic. On-campus jobs at the library, the residential hall offices, and for several departments run through the summer, and most provide free or discounted housing to their workers. 

Though she appreciates Georgetown’s flexibility, the price still seems high to Amaya. “It’s not that fair, especially if students don’t have a job or any source of income coming in,” she said. 

For those remaining on campus, housing will not be their only cost. According to the April 30 email, the university will begin charging for food at campus locations again, which they have not done since classes moved online. Royal Jacket will be the only available on-campus dining option though HoyaHub will continue to be accessible. 

Students have until May 26 to indicate they wish to stay on campus over the summer. All those who apply will be granted housing.

Annemarie Cuccia
Annemarie is an avid Voice reader and former editor-in-chief. She hopes she left the magazine better than she found it.

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