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Despite COVID-19, the show tries to go on

Across the country, theaters were some of the first businesses to close due to COVID-19. Though many have tried to move productions online, nothing is the same. Watch below to... Read more


Women’s basketball opener postponed after positive COVID test

The Georgetown women’s basketball season opener scheduled to take place on Nov. 29 has been postponed after a member of the team tested positive for COVID-19, according to a statement... Read more


On Burning Bread

Exchanging the Hilltop for the stovetop, Matt Phillips reflects on the labor of love it's been to learn the art of cooking during quarantine.


DC must do more to protect the most vulnerable from the effects of COVID-19

Though D.C.’s COVID-19 rates have stayed below those of other regions, this does not mean the District’s COVID response has been perfect.  In reality, coronavirus is pushing the city’s most... Read more


When freshman year is put on pause

Saddled by the pandemic, my freshman year has been characterized by a distinct sense of FOMO. Here's how I'm learning to be OK with it.


The Case for Phone-Banking

Phone-banking is fundamentally about channeling your emotions into productive change.


BREAKING: University announces spring 2021 plans

Georgetown will be conducting the spring semester in a hybrid format, with the majority of classes remaining online and some seniors allowed to move back to campus.


How Georgetown students contribute to D.C.’s housing crisis

Georgetown has significantly contributed to homelessness and gentrification in D.C. We have the resources—and the imperative—to do better.


Students, faculty, administration clash over Spring 2021 academic calendar

After a fall semester devoid of breaks, students asking for days off this spring to prevent burnout and Zoom fatigue. 

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Kim Kardashian West’s 40th birthday bash backlash

Lordy, lordy, Kim K’s forty! As the days of honking car parades fade, COVID-19 birthdays have become the norm rather than the exception in the year 2020. Certainly, Kim Kardashian... Read more


Professors tackle COVID-19 vaccine distribution in new ethical framework

Georgetown professors work to develop a framework for distributing any COVID-19 vaccines ethically and effectively.


Georgetown attempts trial of in-person classes as spring semester nears

Over the past few weeks, Georgetown enacted a pilot program for a select group of students to attend in-person classes.  


D.C. public schools cancel reopening plans due to lack support of from teacher’s unions

D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) announced this week that they will not be reopening schools for in-person learning for roughly 7,000 elementary students next week as previously planned. 


GUSA Executive reports on midterm progress

GUSA President Nico Ferretti and Vice President Bryce Badger share their term's progress and future goals with the Voice.


D.C. government implements COVID-19 contact tracing app

D.C. residents with iPhone and Android smartphones began receiving push notifications encouraging them to opt into a new mobile exposure notification system on Oct. 20. 

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The ethics of resurfaced media collaborations amidst a pandemic

Viral. It’s a term that’s held a lot of weight over the past seven months. With a viral pandemic circulating around the globe, and new TikTok dances racing through the... Read more


Why Georgetown shouldn’t reopen for Spring 2021, as told by a senior

As the pandemic reaches record levels of infection, Georgetown has a duty to its students and its community to stay closed.


Georgetown businesses severely strained, closing amid COVID-19

As federal stimulus loans run out and governments begin to lift dine-in restrictions, an increasing number of Georgetown neighborhood businesses have closed or are struggling to remain open.  


Georgetown parents petition to open campus for spring 2021

Some Georgetown parents, united on Facebook and through a petition, are asking for the university to be in person for the spring semester.


Fund tuberculosis aid: Now’s not the time to forget about global health.

COVID-19 has proven that there has been a severe lack of planning and financing for global health security programs. But TB has been telling us this for years.