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10 Things That Are More Blue Blood Than Syracuse

March 9, 2021

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In recent weeks, the concept of what makes a blue blood college basketball program has been bandied about both among sports fans across the country and in the Voice Sports GroupMe. However, there is no clear definition of what a blue blood program really is. What does it take to be considered one? A title? Five? Sustained success? Recent achievements? Blue on the uniform?? In general blue blood programs are deemed to be noble and successful, but no one can seem to agree upon who exactly the blue bloods are. But here at the Voice, we know one thing: Syracuse, who some have placed in consideration of blue blood status, is definitely not one of them. Here is an incomplete list of things that are more of a blue blood than ‘Cuse.

Francisco Lindor’s blue hair in Spring Training

I’m a big fan of athletes dying their hair zany colors. From anything Dennis Rodman ever did, to Megan Rapinoe’s pink, to the Puerto Rican baseball team’s platinum blonde, I am in. Lindor’s blue hair, which debuted at Spring Training two years ago, is a masterstroke, featuring one of the best dye jobs I have seen. You have to admire the commitment this took. If only Syracuse was as committed to the Big East instead of running their football team out to go 1-9 in the ACC.

Sporty Smurf

I mean, Sporty Smurf literally has blue blood. While that makes this an easy call, I also know for a fact Sporty is a beast in any game he plays, as he is the star player for the Smurf soccer, football and basketball teams. I’m sure Gargamel would like to Monstar him if he could. I get Bo Jackson vibes coming off Sporty, as someone who can be an All-Star in any sport he chooses. Buddy Boeheim could never.

Melanie C in a blue tracksuit

I don’t pretend to know much about the Spice Girls, but watching a quick highlight reel of Sporty Spice tells me that Melanie C could succeed in any athletic situation for which she applies herself. Plus, Sporty Spice frequently wore blue while on tour with her band. This, plus being a part of the squad with 90 million albums sold, puts her above Carmelo Anthony, with zero albums sold or NBA championships, in my mind.

Blue, the Indianapolis Colts mascot

Blue was introduced in 2006, as the Colts were gearing up for their run to the Super Bowl. I have been told by my sources that Tony Dungy used to say that Blue was just as integral to the Colts’ success as Peyton Manning. So the pedigree is there. Then in 2016, Blue was named the NFL’s mascot of the year. Coincidentally, this is around the time that Syracuse legend Louis Orr joined the correct side and became a member of Coach Patrick Ewing’s staff. I don’t know how these connect but I know Blue is more of a blue blood than Coach Orr’s alma mater.

The Argentina soccer team

Come on. The Argentina blues are an iconic futbol kit, and the Argentinian National Team is an iconic program. From Maradona to Messi, La Albiceleste has had its share of all time greats, as well as two World Cups. Blue freaking blood. Jim Boeheim is no Maradona and Fab Melo is no Messi, so it’s no contest as to which to choose. Although, Manchester United fans would argue that Angel di Maria is just as punchable as Joe Girard III. 

The blue Olympic ring

I would like to make an argument that the blue Olympic ring is the most underrated of all the rings. It isn’t in the middle like black green or yellow. It doesn’t represent the Americas like red. It doesn’t symbolize peace like the white background. However, there is just something about the blue ring that intrigues me. It represents Oceania, which is a geographical area that I enjoy learning about and is also the first one you see when looking at the logo from left to right. Coincidentally, left to right is also the way James Harden crossed over Syracuse great Wesley Johnson, effectively ending his career. 

Gatorade Cool Blue

Let’s be honest, we all know Gatorade Cool Blue is nowhere near the best Gatorade flavor. Delish.com even positions it as the worst of them all. However I am including it here because I watched a video on Syracuse student employees mixing Gatorade and bringing it to student athletes. As Adam G says in the comments: “You broke health code by mixing your bacteria ridden camera in a Gatorade container for a tacky shot. And then made people drink that Gatorade.” Give me Cool Blue over the Orange.

The wave at a Los Angeles Dodgers game

As a Giants fan, I was raised to hate everything about the Dodgers and that includes their use of the wave. The wave is tacky and an unfun fan experience, especially when it’s one drunk guy on a hot summer day trying to get the whole stadium going and only having one section go before it dies off. However, I would still consider this more of a blue blood than Syracuse. They are actually blue, and (sadly for me) have been much more successful recently. 

Nick Anderson’s jersey from the 1995 Finals

Nick Anderson’s missed free throws haunt Magic fans dreams to this day. Rewatching his four misses 25 years later is still excruciating and I know he has likely never been the same since. This event created an enormous what if scenario that Shea Serrano dedicated a whole chapter to in his book Basketball and Other Things. However, I would rather watch these free throws in perpetuity than attend Syracuse University. Plus the pinstripe unis are sick (and actually blue!).

Kevin Cash’s hoodie when he pulled Blake Snell

If I wasn’t clear before, I would rather watch Kevin Cash make the idiotic decision to pull Blake Snell in the sixth inning of a World Series game every single day than attend Syracuse University or call them a blue blood. It is 11:56 pm as I write this and Syracuse still sucks. 

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