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How the NCAA is attempting to rein in the chaos of the transfer portal

“Let’s not make a mistake: We have free agency in college football.”  Lane Kiffin, the head football coach at Ole Miss, famously uttered those words to describe the massive shift... Read more

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NIL helps athletes sell: How the branding rule change is shaping collegiate sports

In 2021, Kool-Aid signed Alabama student athlete Ga’Quincy “Kool-Aid” McKinstry to promote their brand on the football field. It’s normal for athletes to market their public image, but until recently,... Read more

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Sportswashing: Money, morality, and the fine line between sports and politics

Content warning: This article contains reference to human rights abuses and violence. There is a war afoot in professional golf right now. The stakes? Golf Digest dubbed it an “ongoing... Read more

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College athletes scored a big win in court. The NCAA wasn’t ready

For at least the past 70 years of college athletics, it has been a foundational principle that the athletes are neither paid nor able to profit off their brand.  Now,... Read more

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10 Things That Are More Blue Blood Than Syracuse

In recent weeks, the concept of what makes a blue blood college basketball program has been bandied about both among sports fans across the country and in the Voice Sports... Read more


Level the Playing Field for College Athletes

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was founded under a different name in 1906. Its goal was to “protect young people from the dangerous and exploitative athletic practices of the... Read more


‘One-and-Done’ Rule Hurts Student-Athletes

When the Philadelphia 76ers selected Markelle Fultz with the first round pick in the 2017 NBA Draft this summer, they did so after the 19-year-old played only one year at... Read more


DeGioia appointed to NCAA Committee on Academics

On Feb. 2, university President John J. DeGioia became the chair of the NCAA Division I Committee on Academics at the committee’s quarterly meeting in Indianapolis. He replaced president of... Read more

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NCAA Week Three Losers

You win some; you lose most. Sorry if I have to be the one to break it to you, but the world is a cruel place, and there’s nothing any... Read more


Maurice Smith: Just Another Example

The sun rose in the East this morning. The sky is blue. The NCAA screws over its student athletes. At any given moment, you can be sure that any of... Read more


Forcing Athletes to Play College Ball Isn’t Right: Enter the D-League

Let’s face it: money matters. Even the most modest and well-liked players in the NBA won’t deny the impact that money has on their decision. This is especially true when... Read more

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Kentucky’s Dance over NCAA Viewing Record

America has been talking about them all year, and it won’t stop now. With their recent win over the Bearcats of Cincinnati, the Kentucky Wildcats are heading to the Sweet... Read more

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The Case for Mid-Majors

In college basketball, there are certain teams that are considered “mid-majors.”  These teams are considered the best Division 1 teams that play outside of the NCAA’s power conferences. These teams... Read more

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Early March Madness Dark Horses

The recent bitter cold makes it a bit difficult to believe, but we are not all that far away from the craziest time of the sporting year—March Madness. In just... Read more

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The Case for Coach Cal

On Saturday, the well-oiled machine that is Kentucky Wildcat basketball held off the Florida Gators, winning 68-61 and remaining unbeaten at 23-0. The Wildcats, while appearing beatable at times, have... Read more

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A Look Back on the Career of Dean Smith

This week the sporting community received extremely sad news as it was reported that legendary college basketball coach, 83-year-old Dean Smith, passed away last Saturday night. The success, influence, and... Read more

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The Art of the Foul in College Basketball

How many times have you seen a close college basketball game come down to the wire with one team up only a few points on another? It happens a lot,... Read more

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10 Wildcat Weaknesses

This year, college basketball fans across the nation are in a love affair with John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats. Currently at 16-0, Kentucky sits atop both the AP Top 25 and... Read more

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A College Football Playoff Rooting Guide

The inaugural College Football Playoff is fast approaching, and it’s becoming even more likely that our Hoyas’ resume will not impress the selection committee enough to propel Georgetown into the... Read more

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Image in the Age of the NCAA

On February 14, after star freshman point guard Tyler Ennis hit a half-court shot to defeat Pittsburgh 58-56, Syracuse Athletics’ official Twitter account, @Cuse, tweeted “get your Tyler Ennis jersey... Read more