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The Weekly List: The Ten Best Episodes of The Office

March 14, 2021

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The Office’s first pilot premiered March 24, 2005. Ever since, the show has remained infamous for providing edgy entertainment with great comedic timing. The show never fails to push the boundaries and produce some laughs. If you have not seen the show, but plan to, there are some spoilers to come, so stop reading now! Honorable mentions include Scott’s Tots and Broke. Here are some of the show’s definite Top 10 episodes.


  1. The Fight

Dwight’s combat skills are one of his character’s central components, and you have to applaud Michael’s guts to challenge him. There is no way Michael learned everything from on the streets. I personally would have put my money on Dwight, but you have to love a good underdog.


  1. Money

Mo’ money, mo’ problems. I wish it was as easy as verbally declaring bankruptcy, as Michael so confidently does. He could probably benefit from some financial and relationship advice in this episode. At least he gains some valuable skills at his second job, which is always a nice resume booster!


  1. Dunder Mifflin Infinity

We know that technology can displace some workers, but can it displace Michael Scott? He certainly doesn’t think so, and he refuses to surrender to it. One thing to appreciate about him is that he will put his money where his mouth is, even by driving a car into a lake to save some chocolate turtles. Though, I’m not entirely sure his courageous efforts are enough to stop automation. 


  1. Niagara

As a break to some of the more comedic aspects of the show, Niagara is the epic romantic moment where Jim and Pam finally tie the knot. People have come to know them as an iconic duo with their quirks and cliques. Their relationship has been one of the main storylines to follow, and getting married underneath Niagara Falls to seal the deal is kind of savage.


  1. The Deposition

If you’ve ever wanted to see a crossover between Judge Judy and The Office, this is your episode. If I was an attorney, I’m not sure I’d want Michael up on a stand though. His shaky answers got him and Jan in some trouble here (luckily their counsel was good enough to recover, phew!). 


  1. The Convict

I love that The Office makes an attempt to shed light on our country’s prison system. Prison Mike spares no details in giving us the gruesome facts about life behind bars. You definitely have to watch out for those Dementors though.


  1. Gay Witch Hunt

The title says it all. 


  1. Threat Level Midnight

A movie within a show? What more can you ask for? It is so difficult not to get lost in the intricate plot of Michael Scarn’s adventures. One has to appreciate his use of cinematic techniques to push the boundaries of film-making here. Even Ryan and Kevin agree that Michael should, “enter it in festivals or carnivals.” If it was my choice, I’d definitely give it an Oscar nomination.


  1. Stress Relief: Part 1 and 2

What’s the best way to relieve your stress? Maybe exercise a little or take a walk. You could even bake. But it certainly isn’t starting a fake fire drill with real smoke. This two-part episode is just one of those classics that couldn’t be excluded from the list. How do you discount Michael’s impressive CPR skills or Dwight’s safety protocols? Also, Michael Scott’s roast of his fellow co-workers remains to this day some of the best dialogue in comedy. No doubt.


  1. Dinner Party

Nothing is worse than being stuck at an awkward party. Now add in the fact that your boss and his crazy girlfriend are your hosts. Next, add in a dysfunctional couple where one of them doesn’t even like their partner. Nothing screams more second-hand awkwardness than this episode. It is so good, that you can actually feel the discomfort through your screen. Side note: feeding your guests past 11pm should be a federal crime (as should destroying a hard earned Dundies Award). All Michael wanted to do was be a good host… it shouldn’t be too much to ask for!

Gokul Sivakumar
Gokul Sivakumar is a junior in the College studying Psychology and Government. He loves playing tennis and guitar and is an Assistant Editor for Halftime Leisure.

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