Gokul Sivakumar

Gokul Sivakumar is a junior in the College studying Psychology and Government. He loves playing tennis and guitar and is an Assistant Editor for Halftime Leisure.

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Halftime’s Dream Journal: Espionage à la mode

This elegant ballroom is, in fact, a bougie ice cream parlor, where Oscar winners receive a scoop of their preferred ice cream flavor to commemorate their remarkable achievements.

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Rafael Nadal is now the best but for the wrong reasons

Eyes all over the world are on Rafael Nadal, as he just clinched his 21st Grand Slam title in the Australian Open, breaking tennis records and further cementing himself as... Read more

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What’s next for the Conjuring Universe?

After the Conjuring storyline added another film this summer (The Devil Made Me Do It), the question for horror fanatics remains: what comes next for the series? The franchise already... Read more

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The case of Couch Guy: what TikTok’s response says about us

“Girl, he ain’t loyal.” “It’s a red flag.” “She is fighting for her life in these comments.” The TikTok community spun out of control when a video of a girlfriend... Read more

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The Weekly List: Top 10 Disney Channel shows from the 2000s

Picture this: you come home from elementary school at 3 p.m., grab a snack, plop down on the couch, and turn on Disney Channel. Immediately, you’re transported to the Waverly... Read more

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The Weekly List: The Ten Best Episodes of The Office

The Office’s first pilot premiered March 24, 2005. Ever since, the show has remained infamous for providing edgy entertainment with great comedic timing. The show never fails to push the... Read more

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$7 Million on a Golden Room

The Super Bowl is infamous for its Halftime Show, featuring big artists such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Shakira. This year’s performer, The Weeknd, delivered a show with certain elements... Read more