Annemarie Cuccia

Annemarie is an avid Voice reader and former editor-in-chief. She hopes she left the magazine better than she found it.


Women and gender studies scholar appointed dean of Georgetown College

Rosario Ceballo, a leading scholar in diversity, equity, and inclusion work and former chair of the University of Michigan’s Women and Gender Studies (WGST) Department, was appointed as dean of... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Vil A Cookbook

There’s no need to be embarrassed.  I mean, sure, it’s only Wednesday and you’re heating up your fifth microwaveable Trader Joe’s curry of the week. And yeah, your “charcuterie board”... Read more


Letter from the Editor: Committing to journalism for our community 

Dear readers, We here at the Voice have spent much of the last year saying, “We cannot return to campus the same as we left.” This statement is fundamentally true.... Read more


The Voice’s guide to D.C.: Where to eat

Affordable Eats The Well Dressed Burrito Address: 1220 19th St. NW How to get there: Take the GUTS bus to Dupont Circle, walk three blocks down 19th, and peer dubiously... Read more


Ninth Georgetown parent pleads guilty in Varsity Blues admissions scandal

Elisabeth Kimmel joined the ranks of Georgetown parents indicted and admitting guilt in the college admissions scandal last week, heading off a September trial.  Kimmel, a former media executive, is... Read more


Georgetown Scholars Program moved out of Healy; in temporary space for the fall

Georgetown Scholars Program (GSP) moved out of its long-time space on the ground floor of  Healy Hall in January and will spend the first part of the semester in a... Read more

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: Everything we know about COVID-19 and Fall 2021 policies

In just a few weeks, Georgetown students will be returning en masse to campus for the first time since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020.... Read more


How to contribute to the Voice!

How to join, write for and contribute to the Georgetown Voice, the university's premier news magazine.


Joel Castón, Georgetown Prison Scholar, is the first incarcerated person in D.C. government

Joel Castón’s vision was simple.   In a campaign video put together by the D.C. Corrections staff at the jail where Castón has been a resident the last four years, Castón... Read more


Nellie’s Sports Bar attempts to reopen one month after security dragged a Black woman down the stairs

CW: This article references violence to Black and LGBTQ+ individuals and communities. Nellie’s reopened and broke a month-long public silence following their closure on June 13, the day after Keisha... Read more