Annemarie Cuccia

Annemarie is the Voice's news editor and a junior in the SFS whose greatest pride is her pun headlines. She claims she takes astrology quizzes ironically.


Georgetown set to distribute CARES Act funding, donor money amid financial losses

Georgetown will be accepting the just over $6 million in funding it was eligible for as part of the CARES Act and distributing half of it to students, the university... Read more


“It’s celebrating without us:” For the first time in 50 years, Earth Day took place indoors

Precisely at noon, 219 people walked outside their houses in Champaign-Urbana, Ill. on April 22. The scene might have resembled a strange ritual, or an alien abduction with its level... Read more


Let’s Stop Pretending Dating Shows are About Love

Love is Blind is perhaps the most perplexing T.V. show I have ever seen.  First of all, the phrase itself has been grossly misinterpreted (pretty sure blind love is about... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Celebrate the poet, but do not ask her to explain herself

I don’t like to tell people I read poetry. I don’t like to tell people I write poetry. At least, I don’t like to tell people I read it religiously,... Read more


Coronavirus shakes up students’ postgrad plans

A student’s last semester of college is full of traditions. For Georgetown students, the last week on the Hilltop means a marathon of celebrations with friends and family, culminating in... Read more


FinApp Appeals sees increased funding for SAC, other advisory boards

The Student Activities Commission (SAC) received an additional $43,500 in funding from the GUSA Financial Appropriations Committee (FinApp). This increase came after displeasure with the original funding allocation was voiced... Read more


Students Respond to GUSA Club Funding Proposals

More than 25 students crowded into the GUSA Senate meeting on March 1 to protest club budget cuts announced after the GUSA Budget summit.  At the summit, which was held... Read more


Georgetown’s Long Path to Divestment

Georgetown became one of the first private universities to introduce a plan to fully divest from fossil fuels on Feb. 6 following a board of directors vote. The university will... Read more


2020 Vision: D.C.’s Next Decade

In 2009, Voice staffer Will Sommer wrote a piece sharing his and other political writers’ predictions on the next year in D.C. city politics. Ten years later, as the Voice... Read more


Celebrity Death Lists: A Form of Afterlife No One Asked For

A Facebook notification pops up on my phone: “Today is January 1st and it is time to crown the winners of the first annual Celebrity Death List Pool!” It is... Read more