Cassidy Jensen


Solidarity Shouts: How I Became A Prison Abolitionist

Most Georgetown passions begin with a student organization. One of the first clubs I joined upon arriving at Georgetown was Prison Outreach, a service program directed by the Center for... Read more


Millennial mayors discuss fresh perspectives, local government with GU Politics

On Jan. 23, three young mayors from across the country gathered in the Healy Family Student Center to discuss the future of “millennials” as leaders in local politics. Hosted by... Read more


‘Easy to Spot’

This collection of quotes reflects a few perspectives on fashion at Georgetown. These quotes were selected from email interviews conducted by Brynn Furey (SFS ’20), Joy Kim (COL ’21), and Runzhong... Read more


TEDxGeorgetown Announces Theme and Speakers

TEDxGeorgetown announced that “Disruptors” will be the theme of this year’s conference on Friday afternoon. Club leaders displayed a poster in Red Square bearing the event’s theme and shot streamers... Read more


Latinx Identity in the Georgetown Classroom

Chris Wager (SFS’ 17) thought he could learn all he wanted to know in Georgetown’s classrooms. But when he developed an interest in Chicano studies, the academic field of Mexican-American... Read more


University hires undocumented student coordinator

The university hired Arelis Palacios as a part-time coordinator for students without documentation on Nov. 20, after students circulated a petition calling on the university to create a position to... Read more


White People Need to Take Responsibility

Today, I am ashamed to be a white woman. The majority of people in the United States who look like me voted for a man who plans to implement xenophobic... Read more


Panel discusses role of faith in election results

On Nov. 11, three days after the presidential election, a panel hosted by the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life in Gaston Hall sought to explain the outcome... Read more


As Trump wins, Georgetown students gather at White House

The following is an account of events from our assistant news editor, Cassidy Jensen. Before the election was called, Lafayette Park was full of a few hundred young people and college... Read more


Offensive fliers target Latin American and language programs

Just before 7am on Oct. 31, doctoral student and Spanish instructor Chrissy Bistline-Bonilla discovered a flier glued to the door of the Spanish and Portuguese Department advertising a “Frito Bandito... Read more