Caroline Hamilton

Caroline Hamilton is a junior in the SFS studying Culture & Politics. She’s a half-ironic fan of Arcade Fire and an earnest fan of Paul Simon, as well as the features editor for the Voice.

Halftime Leisure

Trailer Takes: Charlie’s Angels, Truth Be Told, and Jungle Cruise

Charlie’s Angels: Roman: I hope to all things holy that this movie is set in the same universe as Pitch Perfect (2012), and Elizabeth Banks is playing the same... Read more


“A Narrative of Invisibility”: Asian American Activists Step Up and Speak Out

Though midterm season was in full swing, more than a dozen students flocked to the Asian American Hub for Organizing, Movement, and Empowerment (AA HOME) on Oct. 2. The light... Read more


GUSA Senate Certifies 272 Referendum Results

The GUSA Senate voted to certify the results of the 272 referendum at its April 28 meeting. The verification was recommended by the Constitutional Council after finding the referendum to... Read more


Native Students and the Piscataway Fight for Greater Recognition

Almost any Georgetown student could tell you that the university was founded in 1789. Almost any Georgetown student could also tell you that the university’s founder was John Carroll. However, only a... Read more


Volume 1 Issue 1: The First Years of The Georgetown Voice

When Steve Pisinski (COL ’71) arrived back on campus after the summer of 1968, the country and Georgetown seemed to be at a crossroads. Anti-war protests were engulfing college campuses... Read more


Economist Dambisa Moyo Warns Against Short-Term Solutions

Dambisa Moyo spoke on global economic policy and the future of democracy on March 19 in Gaston Hall. Her lecture was the closing keynote speech of the “Africa Imagines: Reversing... Read more


President Duque Discusses Future of Colombia in Gaston Event

Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez (MSPP ’07) spoke in Gaston Hall on Feb. 14 about critical policy issues facing Colombia and Latin America. Elected in 2018, Duque spoke as part... Read more


Gun Control Gains Ground at Georgetown and Across the District

As of Feb. 12, twenty-one people have been killed in Washington, D.C., this year. Homicide rates in the District have been climbing since 2012, and this year’s rate marks a... Read more


Getting Candid with the Candidates: Sina Nemazi and Roya Wolfe

With elections for GUSA Executive coming up on Feb. 8, the Voice invited all of the candidates to our office to talk about why they are running, what issues are... Read more


STAIV Holds Town Hall on Proposed Title IX Changes, Interpersonal Violence

Students Taking Action Against Interpersonal Violence (STAIV) held a town hall on Jan. 15 to discuss the Department of Education’s proposed changes to Title IX regulations and the university’s approach... Read more