Sergio Betancourt


Best of 2016: Movies

1.) Zootopia Zootopia includes effective humor, impactful themes, and introduces a beautiful, immersive environment to boot. The film follows Judy Hopps’s move to the city of Zootopia where she attempts to... Read more


China Chilcano’s combinations prove all that glitters is (edible) gold

From its fascinating décor to its agglomeratic dishes, José Andres’ newest eatery, China Chilcano, manages to find near-perfect harmony in cultural synthesis. Chilcano combines traditional Peruvian cuisine with Chinese and... Read more


Hummus House dips into Georgetown

Complete with faux-ivy crawling over the brick walls and ceiling, Sabra’s brand new pop-up restaurant, Hummus House, initially appears to be a traditional Middle Eastern eatery with a modern twist. ... Read more