Sienna Brancato

Finding Catharsis Through Entertainment

Finding Catharsis Through Entertainment


Ross Geller opens the door and says, “Hey. I just got my teacher evaluations. Check out what this one student wrote. ‘I loved Dr. Geller’s class. Mind-blowing lectures. Dr. Geller, you are definitely the hottie of the paleontology department.’” Chandler Bing responds, “Ah, hotties of the paleontology department. There’s a big-selling calendar, eh?”   It’s…

<i>Fresh Voices</i>: Rebecca Zaritsky on Open Access, Euthanasia, and Mental Health

Fresh Voices: Rebecca Zaritsky on Open Access, Euthanasia, and Mental Health

By: and

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Opinions Editor Sienna Brancato talks with Rebecca Zaritsky about her recent entry to her column, “Open Access.” The article discusses her grandmother’s death, which leads into a conversation about her experiences with the American public health system, her thoughts on assisted suicide, and chronic illness. Rebecca’s column, “Open Access: On…

Carrying On: The Pressure to be Polished

Carrying On: The Pressure to be Polished


The pungent smell of nail polish remover, hairspray, and acrylic assaults my nose as soon as I walk through the door. A young girl sits at the barber’s chair having the life straightened out of her hair in pursuit of perfect smoothness. An elderly woman faces the nail technician with her arms extended, moving her…

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