Sienna Brancato

is a senior in the College majoring in English and minoring in Government and Italian. She has done some things for the Voice, and will continue to do some things.


Breaking the Pattern: Encouraging Women to Speak Up

“She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell silenced Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor, echoes reverberated to the ears... Read more

Carrying On

Carrying On: Feminism in the Age of Trump

Women and men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds wearing pink hats with pointed, ear-like appendages on either side carried signs emblazoned with clever slogans: “There is no Planet B,”... Read more


Making Space for Faith in Liberalism

We sat in silence with our eyes closed for half an hour, contemplating the people who motivate and inspire us. Those in attendance could share their thoughts periodically, but there... Read more


Teaching Tolerance: Colleges Need Better Diversity Education

It has become clear as the 2016 presidential campaign has progressed that there has been a  resurgence of racial tensions on college campuses and a backlash against a culture of... Read more


Pretty Pepper Spray Won’t End Sexual Violence

Mine is blue. My neighbor’s is lavender, one sparkle shy of a Bedazzler. They match our outfits; they fit in perfectly. I’m talking about our cans of pepper spray. Designed... Read more