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A Brief List of Things Michael Bay Clearly Didn’t Understand While Making 6 Underground

Imagine you’re talking to a 12-year-old boy working on his science fair project and he, having binged an age-inappropriate diet of Red Bull, pixie sticks, and action movies, decided to... Read more


Best of the Decade: Films

As the decade comes to a close, Halftime is celebrating by taking a look back at the best that the 2010s had to offer. Below you’ll find some of our... Read more


Trust and convenience in Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer starts underwater, outside of a hulking steel submarine. Inside of it, a human crew is briefly introduced. The men controlling the monitors talk and joke back and forth,... Read more


Fox’s Gotham shows promise

Gotham’s mission — appealing to Batman and DC fans without showing the Dark Knight himself — was always going to be a difficult one. Now that the show has run... Read more