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Gaps in South Asia curriculum elicit student petition

Students petitioned the university to hire more South Asian professors and offer more courses related to South Asia and its languages.


Know your rights: 10 demands SFS students should make 

The SFS is failing its undergraduate students. Here's 10 demands SFS students should make.


Howard University non-tenured, adjunct faculty approve new union contract

Professors at Howard University are seeing the beginnings of positive change in their labor negotiations with the university administration. 


These “part-time” professors want Georgetown’s full-time respect

Georgetown employs about 1,000 contingent faculty who are not afforded the same benefits, job security, or voice in department governance as their full-time tenured and tenure-track counterparts.


Georgetown Law professor terminated after “reprehensible” racist remarks 

Adjunct professor Sandra Sellers was terminated on March 11 after a video of her making disparaging remarks about Black students.

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: Labor relations

This article is part of a series of explainer pieces by the Voice on some of the most important topics on campus. Other articles in the series can be found... Read more


Passing Judgment: The effects of anonymous evaluations

“I WANT YOU,” reads a long-forgotten sign that still remains affixed to the wall of a Car Barn classroom. This sign, and many others like it, are the last remnants... Read more


Adjunct professors reach settlement agreement with the university

Six of Georgetown’s part-time faculty reached a settlement last Thursday on the terms of a three-year contract with the University. The faculty was part of a bargaining committee that voted... Read more