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These “part-time” professors want Georgetown’s full-time respect

Georgetown employs about 1,000 contingent faculty who are not afforded the same benefits, job security, or voice in department governance as their full-time tenured and tenure-track counterparts.


Georgetown Law professor terminated after “reprehensible” racist remarks 

Adjunct professor Sandra Sellers was terminated on March 11 after a video of her making disparaging remarks about Black students.

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: Labor relations

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Passing Judgment: The effects of anonymous evaluations

“I WANT YOU,” reads a long-forgotten sign that still remains affixed to the wall of a Car Barn classroom. This sign, and many others like it, are the last remnants... Read more


Adjunct professors reach settlement agreement with the university

Six of Georgetown’s part-time faculty reached a settlement last Thursday on the terms of a three-year contract with the University. The faculty was part of a bargaining committee that voted... Read more