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Strange World: the most realistic Disney animation you’ve never heard of

The eerie silence surrounding the release of Disney’s latest animated film Strange World (2022) underscores the studio’s hesitancy to publicly support diverse representation in children’s media. Starkly contrasting the overwhelming... Read more

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Pixar’s Soul beautifully entwines the profound with the playful

Pixar specializes in embedding deep, existential lessons into gorgeously animated masterpieces, and Pete Docter has accomplished just this with Soul (2020). The film conveys a poignant message that all adults... Read more

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Iroh’s Just Mercy

When Bryan Stevenson was about ten years old, he laughed at a little boy who had a stutter. His mother saw and was ashamed.   “What are you doing?” she asked.... Read more


How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World on How To Say Goodbye

After realizing that his beloved dragon, Toothless, needs to fly on his own, Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) spends the night designing a prosthetic for Toothless’ missing tail part. He paints it,... Read more