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The Dark Knight gets even darker in neo-noir thriller The Batman (2022)

This story begins with an already trauma-riddled Bruce Wayne, allowing us to witness his transformation from a vengeful vigilante to Gotham's hero.


Busted Stuff: Episode 2 – Give ’em a lick

Tommy and John discuss the heroics of Mudman and Pottery Boy. Contact the show at for any comments or questions. Listen to Busted Stuff on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


The Voice‘s Favorite Superhero Movies

With the much-anticipated Justice League finally rolling around to theaters, we assemble the team in the name of all that is comic booky goodness. Here are some of our picks for the... Read more


The Darkest Night

Everything I needed to know in life, I learned from Batman. Ok, everything might be a stretch. What I mean by that statement is that of the countless memorable lines... Read more


The Lego Batman Movie Builds a Better Batman

The Lego system has served as a building block for many people’s childhoods. With Legos, children and adults can create while limited only by the bricks in hand and the... Read more

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Don’t Give Up on DC Just Yet

Let’s face it, when it comes to the DC Universe, it’s a post-Christopher Nolan Batman world. The gauntlet was thrown down by his trilogy, particularly the second and third films... Read more


Fox’s Gotham shows promise

Gotham’s mission — appealing to Batman and DC fans without showing the Dark Knight himself — was always going to be a difficult one. Now that the show has run... Read more

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Gotham Presents a Fresh Origin Story

Over the last decade, comic book heroes have found their home on the silver screen. While Marvel has created an empire in movie theaters, DC Comics has carved out a... Read more

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Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That: Who Still Cares about the Grumpy Young Bat?

Writer Scott Snyder and Artist Greg Capullo’s Batman series is a line that I have been recommending to people since the start of the DC Comics continuity reboot back in... Read more

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Harley Quinn’s Craziness Is Outstanding

Character development in the superhero genre is harder than you would think. With numerous writers and artists presenting the cape and cowl crowd over and over again, it’s hard for... Read more

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The Life and Times of Two Face

Writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason’s Batman and Two-Face #28 issue is not only an absolutely fantastic comic in itself, but it is also a stellar conclusion to... Read more

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The World’s Weirdest

Writer Paul Levitz’ and artist Diogenes Neves’s World’s Finest: Huntress and Power Girl Annual #1 is a weird comic. Not only is the basic premise hard for even the most... Read more

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Where is the nuance? The new Batman dissapoints

Ever since Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, Batman has experienced an immense rise in popularity.  Not only has the Caped Crusader slowly made his way into almost every DC Comics movie and... Read more