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My team, not my politics

In 2015, a reporter spotted a “Make America Great Again” hat in Tom Brady’s locker. “He’s a friend,” Brady responded, adding that it’d be “great” if Trump were president because... Read more

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My Dynasty’s Bigger Than Yours

The name “Mo Lewis” probably doesn’t mean much to the average sports fan. Indeed, even as a Jets fan, I had to Google his name at his first mention because... Read more

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Matt Ryan, Do it for me

There have been twenty Super Bowls in my life, and I have almost certainly watched all of them. I have no recollection of the first one, Super Bowl XXXI, but... Read more


Deflating the Patriots Cheating Accusations

Ever since the mess that was Deflategate surfaced, there have been numerous other accusations thrown at the Patriots about their supposed extensive systems of cheating.  These ranged from Spygate transgressions,... Read more

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Rooting for the Bad Guys

Greatness isn’t as easy as it seems. Feel free to begin rolling your eyes at any moment, but the life of a Patriots fan has become more and more difficult... Read more