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Congress must allow D.C. to regulate legal marijuana

In 1998, D.C. legalized medical marijuana. But in the two decades since, Congress has blocked D.C. from spending any money on regulating marijuana, whether for medical purposes or recreational use,... Read more


D.C. Should Decriminalize Sex Work 

Early this June, D.C. councilmembers Robert White, Anita Bonds, and Brianne Nadeau introduced a bill that would decriminalize sex work in the District. The Community and Safety Health Amendment Act... Read more


End the Disenfranchisement of D.C. Felons

Early this June, at-large Councilmember Robert C. White Jr. introduced the Restore the Vote Amendment Act of 2019. This bill would make D.C. the first jurisdiction in the country to... Read more


Don’t Deny D.C. Statehood

The 35-day government shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, threw D.C. residents into the national spotlight, but also brought an unintended consequence for statehood advocates. Washington City Paper argued that... Read more


Senate holds first hearing on D.C. statehood in 21 years

Activists and District leaders crowded the Dirksen Senate Office Building this Monday as the Senate held its first hearing on the issue of D.C. statehood in 21 years. If D.C.... Read more