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Condom delivery service makes students safer


Today, H*yas for Choice took a positive step forward by establishing a new condom delivery service on campus. The program will let students request condoms and pamphlets to distribute at parties and other social events. With the introduction of this service, H*yas for Choice continues to push Georgetown toward addressing the sexual health needs of…

Online courses break new academic ground


Following the precedent of Harvard and MIT, Georgetown is now offering its first online class this semester through the edX platform. The class is titled “Globalization’s Winners and Losers” and will feature recorded lectures by many professors covering different subjects. Additionally, the University has also invested $8 million into an initiative for technology-enhanced learning, with…

Government shutdown shows need for reform


Throughout the past two weeks, House Republicans repeatedly passed legislation pairing the extension of governmental funding with delayed implementation of the Affordable Care Act. After the Senate rejected each of these proposals, the government shut down for the first time since 1996. In the past, Congress has diffused disagreements over the budget by continually passing…

The Fashion Issue: Fall 2013

The Fashion Issue: Fall 2013


This season is a melding of hard and soft, meeting at a blurred edge. Pastel colors come together with leather panels, studded sweaters meet tartan skirts. Men’s prints meet womenswear in a houndstooth dress—the bold pattern is almost a neutral. Mixed-media coats paired with delicate, single-soled heels. Mild decadence is in the details, with rich textiles and prints coming together in moody hues. Welcome to fall.

Mold a danger to students in residence halls


A disturbing growth has been detected around Georgetown, and for once it’s not the neighbors. The contamination has worsened in several of the University’s older, run-down buildings. Mold poses serious health risks to students, and the school’s failure to eradicate this problem suggests that it is not equipped to continue bringing students back on campus…

Taking the first steps to support trans* students


Last week, GU Pride elected Celeste Crisholm (COL ’15) as its first ever trans* representative. Members of Pride’s board believe this step will allow them to work more closely with trans* students and cater better to their needs. (“Trans*” serves as an umbrella term that encompasses a diversity of identities that span the gender spectrum.)…

Students excluded from dorm planning process


This past Sunday, GUSA President Nate Tisa (SFS ‘14) came forward with the news that the University is considering establishing an off-campus residence in order to fulfill the Campus Plan requirement of housing 385 additional students by 2015. In a press conference the following morning, University administrators focused on the distinction between a satellite campus…

All Hands on Deck: Risks and Rewards of Georgetown Sailing

All Hands on Deck: Risks and Rewards of Georgetown Sailing


Despite a general lack of knowledge about college sailing, people seem quick to write the sport off as minor—or worse, boring. On the contrary, Georgetown’s sailing team has proven to be one of the University’s most successful varsity sports programs of the last decade, having secured the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association/Gill National Championship twice, including last year, and having placed five times in the last nine years. And what’s more, the high physical risk sailors face in what turns out to be an extremely dangerous sport challenges anyone who thinks of sailing as a leisurely activity.

University should fully embrace Gtown Day


Last Thursday,Todd Olson agreed to student demands to repeal the one-keg restriction at campus parties, calling the measure a reasonable and promising approach to bringing student social life back onto campus. Though the keg ban was a misguided policy from the beginning, we applaud Olson’s decision to recognize the on-campus social scene.

Congressional spending cuts threaten Hoyas


Although Georgetown’s comparatively small endowment limits its ability to award financial aid, the shortfall is made up in federal aid in the form of Pell Grants, work-study, and student loans. Unfortunately, because of the deep discretionary spending cuts represented by the sequester, in the coming year Georgetown will suffer $117,417 in cuts…

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