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Critical Voices: Switchfoot, <i>Fading West</i>

Critical Voices: Switchfoot, Fading West


It’s understandable if you don’t remember Switchfoot. After all, it has been ten years since they released that song, “Dare you to moooove!” In their newest release, Fading West, Switchfoot moves into a more mainstream sound while exploring the deeper themes of identity they dwelled on since releasing their last album. The LP opens with…

Measured divestment proposal shows promise


On Sunday, Nov. 24, the GUSA Senate voted 17 to six to pass a resolution endorsing GU Fossil Free’s divestment proposal.The proposal is the latest product of an almost year-long dialogue between administrators and the students of GU Fossil Free, and its successful marriage of the realities of the endowment with the moral imperative Georgetown has to divest deserves nothing less than GUSA’s support.

‘Smoke of Satan’ video breaches student privacy


During GU Pride’s Coming Out Day celebration this year, two unidentified high school boys affiliated with the conservative Catholic organization the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property filmed GU Pride’s OUTober event. The boys interviewed Georgetown students on film, telling them that they were working on a class project. Despite the…

Capital Cannabis: The campaign to legalize marijuana in Washington, D.C.

Capital Cannabis: The campaign to legalize marijuana in Washington, D.C.


A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling released last April found that 63 percent of D.C. residents would support legalizing marijuana and regulating its sale for adults. Moreover, 75 percent of D.C. residents would approve of decriminalization. Despite the obstacles and potential pitfalls, marijuana activists remain confident that they can change the law via a 2014 referendum. With other states eyeing legalization in 2014, D.C. could both provide a symbolic victory to pro-marijuana activists and serve as a model for how the rest of the country should proceed.

Master planning needs more student interest


The University administration held several master planning events this week intended to engage the student body on housing issues such as sustainability. While the Voice applauds the University for ramping up engagement efforts since the beginning of the semester, there still remains much room for improvement on the part of both administrators and students. It…

Grad School admissions lack racial diversity


Georgetown’s annual Official Enrollment Statistics report, released to University officials at the end of September, found that racial and ethnic minorities are shockingly underrepresented in the University’s graduate programs, particularly at the Law Center and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. According to the report, diversity at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences…

The Can Kicks Back misrepresented to students


The Can Kicks Back, a campaign to reduce the national debt targeted toward young people, set up a tent on Copley lawn and hosted a panel to discuss the debt last Tuesday, Oct. 29. TCKB is a non-partisan “millennial partner” of Fix the Debt, a lobby group that fronts as a grassroots movement devoted to…

Camera use violates privacy of student guards


In an Oct. 25 email to all student guards, the Student Guard Office announced that it would “go over past footage whenever possible to check for failures, to follow policies properly to supplement current procedures already in place, such as rovers or officers walking around the desks”. Whereas in the past the office only reviewed…

Georgetown jams: How GU Jam Sesh is building a community for Georgetown’s burgeoning music scene


From the outside, Georgetown’s music scene often seems limited to a few visible student groups. But a capella singers aren’t the Hilltop’s only musically-inclined students. Through its efforts to build a community of student musicians, GU Jam Sesh is providing an outlet for diversified creative musical expression at Georgetown, despite the obstacles it faces from neighbors and University noise policies.

“Second-class faculty”: The hidden struggles of Georgetown’s adjunct professors


The concerns faced by adjunct professors at Georgetown are many, stretching far beyond access to permanent office space. Adjuncts at Georgetown and other institutions of higher learning across the United States receive salaries as low as half of those of tenure-track professors, seldom have access to any health or retirement benefits, and must cope with job insecurity year after year. Recognizing these hardships, Georgetown’s adjunct faculty voted in favor to form a union under SEIU Local 500 in May of this year.

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