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Halftime Leisure

The Aeronauts Fails to Reach New Heights

In the final 10 minutes of The Aeronauts (2019), while James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) and Amelia Wren (Felicity Jones) are struggling to defy nature and land their hot air balloon,... Read more


Trailer Takes: My Dinner with Hervé, On the Basis of Sex, and Escape Room

My Dinner with HervĂ©– Sky: Oh wow okay. This trailer gives me serious Wolf of Wall Street (2013) vibes, except with slightly less explicit sex, and now Leonardo DiCaprio... Read more


Star Wars Goes Rogue, with Mixed Results

After seven offerings, the elements of the Star Wars series are fairly straightforward: an opening crawl, orphans and desert planets, lightsaber battles, and, of course, endless discussion of the dark... Read more