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How Jessica Krug appropriated not just an identity, but a history

The story of a George Washington University history professor pretending to be Afro-Caribbean made global headlines in September. Jessica Krug cosplayed as a Puerto Rican woman from the Bronx—while she... Read more


Busted Stuff: Episode 9 – A thunder of pugs

Nobody out-pizza’s the Tut. Contact the show at for any comments or questions. Listen to Busted Stuff on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


The Gates-way to discovery

“So it’s been dormant for 5000 years? If that thing erupts, I’m gonna be furious.” I laughed at this witty exchange, having stopped flipping channels to check out an episode... Read more


Support NASC Petition and Native Students

The Native American Student Council (NASC), the only Native undergraduate student group at Georgetown, submitted a petition to the Office of the President on April 3. The petition reminded the... Read more


Finding His Voice: Rick Newcombe Discusses his Media Career and the ‘Electric’ Early Days of the Voice

Richard Newcombe (COL ’72) was dedicated to get into Georgetown, but he struggled to get the right grades to get accepted. “My family took a trip to Washington D.C. when... Read more


Cynthia Paulis On Sunsets, the Voice, and Life as A Woman at Georgetown

Every evening, as the sun sets over the oceanside near her home in Massapequa Park, N.Y., Cynthia Paulis (MSB ’74) rides her bike along the beach. As the sky turns... Read more


Car Barn History Event Reveals Troubled Cold War Past

The history department’s Americas Initiative as well as the Center for Latin American Studies co-sponsored a lecture given by Stuart Schrader, a professor in the department of sociology at Johns... Read more


Hidden in Plain Sight: Accessing the university’s artifacts

“Ignatius of Loyola started out as a soldier, you know.” Father Leon Hooper, S.J., caretaker of the Woodstock Theological Library, located in the rarely-visited lower level of Lauinger Library, recounts... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Love On The Hilltop: A History Of Valentine’s Day

Have you ever stopped to wonder, “who was that jerk that decided to come up with a holiday to remind singles just how alone they really are?” Well, look no... Read more