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The Weekly List: There’s No Place Like Home

Ask anyone and they will tell you that being from Texas and being from San Francisco are the most dominant traits of our personalities. Katie says yee-haw unironically. Roman insists... Read more


Home for the Weekend

From kindergarten through 12th grade, I walked three-quarters of a mile to school almost every single day. Even when it was raining and passing cars soaked me. Even once I... Read more


When Home Is Hard to Define

Up until I left for Georgetown, it was simple to define “home.” Home was the house in Los Angeles where grew up. It was the place where I learned to... Read more


Bridging the Distance of Friendship

The day they left for college, two of my friends and I met at a Chick-fil-A next to the highway. During high school, the suburban chain had served as a... Read more


To Take a S.T.A.N.D

My Home I have seen the junction of hope and hopelessness. I spent the first few years of my life on Emerson Street in Haverhill, Massachusetts. The place was falling... Read more