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Kleptocracy Engages the Unknown

The District is about to devour Kleptocracy. Arena Stage’s latest production, which runs through Feb. 24, is the world premiere of a play set in 1990s Russia that depicts the... Read more


Mary Queen of Scots is an Uneven, but Enjoyable Period Drama

Mary Queen of Scots is an entertaining, but ultimately uneven period drama. It has gorgeous costumes, a wonderful pair of lead actresses, some genuinely compelling palace intrigue, and a few... Read more


House of Cards Misses its Last Chance to Save Itself

House of Cards has had a lot thrown its way. When it was picked up by Netflix to become the streaming service’s first original series in 2013, no one knew... Read more

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Trailer Takes: House of Cards: Season 6, Speed Kills, and Here and Now

House of Cards: Season 6 — Dajour:  Let’s just get this out of the way now: I’m not going to watch this. I watched the first season of House... Read more

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Season 3 of House of Cards Rises to the Top

Everyone’s favorite murdering, conniving, scheming, lying, and manipulating politician is back! Netflix’s hit series House of Cards released its third season on Friday, February 27th. After two seasons of political... Read more

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Is TV Better than Movies?

It’s a great time to be an avid fan of television. We live in a golden age of TV, where you can throw a stone and hit at least three... Read more

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A House of Cards : DC and the Media

Note: This article contains spoliers from the second season of House of Cards.  William Shakespeare’s Richard III has sat on my bookshelf gathering dust all summer. In the spirit of those... Read more