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Halftime Sports

Breastfeeding runners can win marathons. Now, races are finally setting them up for success.

When Aliphine Tuliamuk crossed the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon finish line as the top American, the moment was made even sweeter by her two-year-old daughter Zoe running into... Read more


Fresh Voices: Caroline Healey on Losing Her Mom

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Julia talks with Caroline about her mom’s death and how the way she misses her has changed.


Stripped: The Mothership

For their final episode of Stripped with the Voice Podcast Network (*pause for a single tear to roll down your cheek), Emma and Isabel bring their much-discussed MOMS to the... Read more


Mother Knows Best? Balancing Stability with Courage

“Are you coming home this weekend?” “I can’t. I’m busy.” I quickly tapped the letters to reject my mother, but I knew my attempt would fail. My suspicion was confirmed... Read more