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Halftime Leisure

Good Omens season two is a tale of queerness and Christianity

Good Omens season two expands upon the queer undertones of its predecessor by exploring queer love, loyalty, and the potential for change.

Halftime Leisure

Heartstopper season two is tender and unapologetically queer

In Heartstopper season two, high schoolers Nick and Charlie learn to navigate something entirely new: sincere and unapologetic queer love

Halftime Leisure

What One Piece can teach us about queer identities

Although unintentional, One Piece can teach us lessons on the complexity of trans identity and the position of queer identities in society.

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Validating communities: Exploring queer joy at Georgetown

But actually entering Georgetown’s queer community revealed a landscape of identity and experience far more diverse and complex than one affinity group chat for queer people or just a “very gay” university.


How embracing sexual fluidity can liberate queer sexuality

I contend that being open to the idea that our sexuality can and may change can reduce queer (and perhaps even straight) people’s anxiety surrounding their sexual identity and encourage them to live their most authentic selves without fear of alienation.


Fresh Voices: Kayla Hewitt on Pride

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Julia talks with Kayla about corporate pride, straight people going to Pride, and the diversity of the queer community.