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Queer music festival LoveLoud lives up to its name

LoveLoud has hosted LGBTQ+ charity fundraiser festivals since 2017, but this year, they're taking the show on the road.


On-campus religious activities revived with first post-Zoom semester

For students involved in religious groups, last year’s challenges—Zoom burnout, a lost sense of community, and academic stress, among others—were compounded by another: balancing online obligations while also practicing faith... Read more


Residential ministers relocate but maintain connection with students

Residential ministers (RMs) moved out of their dormitories and into alternative housing last week at the request of Georgetown University residential staff.  The residential staff decided to move RMs in... Read more


Georgetown Community Pursues Hope Through Faith

The usual clamor that accompanied a Sunday on the Hilltop was gone. Georgetown was uncannily quiet after the university announced its transition to virtual classes. Yet, those still on-campus were... Read more


Campus Faith Groups Celebrate Inter-Faith Week

Several different faith and religious groups on campus celebrated Inter-Faith Week from Oct. 15 to Oct. 21, in the first major collaboration of its kind at Georgetown. The celebration involved... Read more

Carrying On

Carrying On: My Grandfather’s God

The last time I ever saw my grandfather was June 21, 2015. On that day, Father’s Day, he and I sat in his bedroom, which overlooked the lush, if overgrown,... Read more


Growing up Godless

I’m three or four years old, holding up a popsicle stick cross I made in day care for my mom to see. I had colored it using pink washable marker... Read more


Making Space for Faith in Liberalism

We sat in silence with our eyes closed for half an hour, contemplating the people who motivate and inspire us. Those in attendance could share their thoughts periodically, but there... Read more