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Halftime Leisure

Heartstopper season two is tender and unapologetically queer

In Heartstopper season two, high schoolers Nick and Charlie learn to navigate something entirely new: sincere and unapologetic queer love

Halftime Leisure

Mismatched: A story of an unlikely, unexpected pair

Scrolling through Netflix looking for a fun, quick show to watch over Thanksgiving break, I came across the Netflix mini-series Mismatched. Based on Sanhya Menon’s bestselling book When Dimple Met... Read more


Fresh Voices: Logan Arkema on Demisexuality

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Julia talks with Logan about the split model of romance and sexuality, asexuality’s place in the LGBTQIA+ community, and dating while demisexual.


The Fault in Our Novels

When I was in fifth grade, I had seven boyfriends. All of them were tall, dark, handsome, and entirely fictional. I’ve had a complicated love affair with Young Adult (YA)... Read more