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Mismatched: A story of an unlikely, unexpected pair

December 15, 2020

Scrolling through Netflix looking for a fun, quick show to watch over Thanksgiving break, I came across the Netflix mini-series Mismatched. Based on Sanhya Menon’s bestselling book When Dimple Met Rishi, Mismatched is an easy, lively romantic comedy. The series follows Dimple and Rishi and their experiences with the arranged marriage tradition of Indian society. I enjoyed getting to know Rishi and Dimple, and it turned out to be the perfect show to watch over break.

Rishi is a young man considering the idea of an arranged marriage. He is encouraged by the love of his grandmother and grandfather, who have been married for over 50 years. Rishi is old-fashioned at heart and longs for the type of love that his grandparents have. 

Dimple, on the other hand, is an ambitious and modern young woman. She has aspirations of becoming an app developer, and has been accepted to attend a summer computer class away from home.

After seeing a photo of Dimple on a matchmaking site, Rishi is captivated by her natural, effortless beauty. His grandmother coordinates with Dimple’s mother, and he signs up for the computer class with the intention of meeting and getting to know Dimple.

Upon arriving at the class, both Dimple and Rishi come to realize that the situation is not what they expected. Dimple had been unaware of the conversations that her mother had been having with Rishi’s family about the potential arrangement, and Rishi was upset to learn of this. After some awkward initial encounters, however, the two become friends. Deeper, romantic feelings develop over time as they get to know each other.

The diverse cast of characters in “Mismatched” will both intrigue and charm viewers. As they experience the challenges of growing up and being away from home, they come to learn from and lean on each other. Through the supporting characters, the series explores important issues such as ableism and sexism. Each of the six thirty-minute episodes focuses on a different character’s story with Rishi and Dimple’s narrative continuing as the overarching story. 

Throughout the series, Rishi’s traditional values and personality interact interestingly with Dimple’s modern values and outlook on her future. While Rishi yearns for a marriage like his grandparents’, Dimple could not be less interested. Dimple strives to be an independent young woman, and Rishi is charmed by her individuality. As the two get to know each other, their chemistry is undeniable, and it is enjoyable to watch their relationship cultivate. 

Parts of the series can be predictable and cliche, as with any typical coming-of-age romantic comedy. However, with its distinct, interesting cast of characters and nod to Indian culture, Mismatched is different. 

Mismatched is fun and easy to watch, making it the perfect binge. This coming-of-age series will make viewers laugh, while also telling the story of how traditional cultural practices, such as arranged marriages, play out in today’s world. Unexpected events in the final episode will leave viewers longing for a second season where they can further get to know Rishi, Dimple, and their engaging group of friends.“Mismatched”: A Story of an Unlikely, Unexpected Pair

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