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Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: Marijuana policies

Washington, D.C. has relaxed its marijuana laws significantly in recent years, but Georgetown’s official drug policies have not followed suit.


GUSA Senate passes resolution demanding COVID-19 guideline reforms

The GUSA Senate passed a resolution calling for the university to make its COVID-19 community guidelines more consolidated and transparent.


GUSA Senate reconvenes with a new speaker, condemns university handling of financial aid 

The GUSA Senate reconvened for its first meeting with a new speaker, focusing on financial aid and the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.


If you’re a student in the Georgetown area, here’s what you need to know about university COVID-19 policies

With some students returning to campus for the fall semester and many more living in student groups in nearby neighborhoods, Georgetown has implemented new policies to protect the local student... Read more


GUSA Senate supports SAO Code of Conduct policy proposal

The GUSA Senate passed a resolution to support the Student Advocacy Office’s (SAO) proposal to create a timeline for the disciplinary process for Code of Student Conduct violations at its... Read more