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Reform Title IX now

Title IX reform cannot wait; it is vital that improvements to current Title IX guidance occur now at both the university and federal levels.


Bystander intervention program is paused as HES faces staffing cuts 

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Georgetown’s budget forced cutbacks in essential areas, including bystander intervention training.


I’m a survivor. And no, your policies aren’t enough.

"Georgetown and its students say survivors are not alone. We write it on the walls of our buildings and host rallies and shout together, but what will you do when the perpetrator is your friend or partner? What will you do when rejecting them means a major change in your life? What will you do when empowering a survivor is inconvenient for you? What will you do when your student organization is enabling abusers? What action will you actually, truly take to make sure a survivor is not alone?"


One in the one-in-three

That night, I became one of the one-in-three women who has experienced sexual assault or coercion—without even realizing it. Yet despite our prevalence and the gravity of our circumstances, policymakers—like Betsy DeVos' new Title IX policies—continue to neither recognize nor support survivors of sexual assault. 


New federal Title IX regulations announced amid criticism

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual harassment and assault. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced new rules regarding federal Title IX regulations on May 6. These regulations come after a... Read more


Harassment reporting structures are broken—GAGE provides a solution

My years at Georgetown as a PhD student were undoubtedly the most difficult years of my life. This was not because of the rigor of coursework and research activities, as... Read more


University launches online sexual assault and misconduct resources

Georgetown University announced two new online resources that will be available for students to report sexual misconduct on campus. On Jan. 10, Rosemary Kilkenny, vice president for institutional diversity, equity... Read more


Life Infiltrating Art

I read reports of Louis C.K.’s alleged sexual misconduct, now confirmed by Louis himself, on the same laptop that held a “Louis C.K. is my spirit animal” sticker. Before I... Read more


Walk This Way: Female students subjected to sexual harassment by construction workers

As Georgetown breaks ground on the many construction projects planned for the next two years, several female students have raised concerns for their personal safety in response to incidents of... Read more