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Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: Climate activism and sustainability

While Georgetown has, at times, been considered a leader among college campuses in environmental sustainability, its level of commitment to certain sustainable causes over the years has varied. For the... Read more


Maryland Blocks Proposed Off Campus Solar Project

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) denied MD Solar 1’s application for a Wetlands and Waterways Permit for their proposed solar installation in La Plata, Maryland, which would have... Read more


The Sun Also Rises: Georgetown’s Long and Complicated History of Solar Energy

Georgetown is currently facing backlash from environmentalists over a proposed off-campus solar project in La Plata, Maryland, which would require clearcutting over 200 acres of forest to make room for... Read more


Proposed GU Solar Project Faces Opposition at Public Hearing

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) held a public hearing on Feb. 27 to hear testimony from community members on the proposed Georgetown solar installation in La Plata, Maryland.... Read more


Transparency is Key for Sustainability Initiatives

The university has taken a variety of steps to reduce its environmental impact, including on- and off-campus solar projects to generate more renewable energy. While these plans are well-intentioned, issues... Read more


Solar farm proposal to power university moves through Maryland hearings

A proposal for an off-site solar farm that will power half of Georgetown’s campus is continuing progress towards approval from the Maryland Public Service Commission. Origis Energy, the company planning... Read more


University to install new solar panels

Georgetown plans to install solar panels on six campus buildings, creating 1.5 million kilowatt-hours of energy per year. The installation will take place this summer and into the fall as... Read more