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Race & Roses–What The Bachelor franchise’s racial controversy has to say about the role of race and representation in the media 

ABC’s The Bachelor has long been criticized for its fast-tracked television love stories and, more importantly, its lack of racial diversity. As the first Black Bachelor, Matt James’ role as... Read more

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The Bachelor’s transformation should be painful—and it should be public

The six million Americans who tune into the Bachelor every Monday (and everyone who watches it after) are not here for love.  Honestly, the purpose of the franchise, the promise... Read more


Let’s Stop Pretending Dating Shows are About Love

Love is Blind is perhaps the most perplexing T.V. show I have ever seen.  First of all, the phrase itself has been grossly misinterpreted (pretty sure blind love is about... Read more

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In Defense of The Bachelor

On Jan. 2, the 21st season of The Bachelor premiered on ABC. It’s easy to dismiss The Bachelor as merely trashy reality television, and for sure, there’s a valid criticism... Read more