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I pledge allegiance as a stan: Breaking down Twitter subculture

Just like any other subculture, Stan Twitter has its rules and conventions; allegiances and local personalities; and, most of all, dangers and downsides.


Elon Musk, Grimes, and Living in a 21st Century Society

Few celebrities have managed to create a reputation and societal imprint as unique as Elon Musk. His image has become all the more interesting since the announcement of his relationship... Read more


She Runs the World: Christine Fair on Public Discourse

Prof. C. Christine Fair discusses civility in public discourse as she responds to the backlash against her controversial tweet.


Georgetown advisory board member steps down after #MeToo tweet controversy

On Jan. 15, a member of the Georgetown Masters of Science of Foreign Service advisory board resigned after his tweets at a conservative female blogger on the #MeToo movement garnered... Read more