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A Playlist of Anti-Valentine’s Day Songs

Because who’s actually celebrating anyway? I feel like most holidays (at least here in the United States) are commercialized to the point they don’t even seem real. Valentine’s Day is... Read more

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Quiz: Who was your Georgetown Valentine this year?

Want me to guess which Hoya stole your heart and took you out on the big day?

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The Weekly List: Top five Mitski songs to help you cope with how lonely you are on Valentine’s Day

Without further ado, here are the top five Mitski songs that will provide the perfect background music to your holiday-fueled existential spiral. 


Love and sawdust in the air

A cluster of Hoyas gathered in the depths of Lauinger Library on Feb. 13. They were brought together, not by fate or midterms, but a force more powerful still—love.  Georgetown’s... Read more


Lessons From Aristotle: The Accidents Of Long Distance

Keeping your high school relationship when you go to college is like shuffling a deck of cards. I’ve heard that because there are 52 unique elements to a deck, each... Read more


Afternoon Tea: Valentine’s Day

In this episode, Max and Kayla are joined by their friend Jacob to talk about romance, love languages, and their Valentine’s Day plans.   Jingle:

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The Weekly List: Love Galore

Loveless or love-stricken, lovesick or sick of love, these are your jams for this Valentine’s Day. Eat some chocolate, send some flowers, and listen up.   1. “Everybody Here Wants... Read more


The Voice‘s Favorite RomComs

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Voice staffers wrote about their favorite romantic comedies to get them through this fake holiday! When Harry Met Sally I got stood up on New... Read more


The Weekly List: Pre-Valentine’s Day

Last year, I wrote an angst-filled playlist for the feelings you feel after V-Day. You’ve seen all your friends snapchats of their lovely dates with their signifs. You’ve watched a... Read more

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Love On The Hilltop: A History Of Valentine’s Day

Have you ever stopped to wonder, “who was that jerk that decided to come up with a holiday to remind singles just how alone they really are?” Well, look no... Read more

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Love on the Hilltop: Love at First Lick

Mollie’s piece is one in a series of articles titled “Love on the Hilltop,” that will run until Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a bond with a person, place, or keepsake, these articles highlight the... Read more

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The Weekly List: Love Machine

Everyone’s busy making plans for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re settling in for a night with a loved one or preparing for a night of sweat and regret with a stranger,... Read more

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Love on the Hilltop: a Snapshot of Sweden

This February I find my heart strings pulled by a good many wonderful people, but I also find myself waxing sentimental about the physical places and spaces that have shaped... Read more