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Stranger in a Strange Land: Discover <i>The Lost City of Z</i>

Stranger in a Strange Land: Discover The Lost City of Z


The Lost City of Z understands one very important part of filmmaking: settings matter. Based on the David Grann novel of the same name, the film tells the story of Percy Fawcett, a British explorer who searched a lost city in the Amazon that was purported to have contained advanced architecture and great wealth. As…

<i>Graduation</i> Cleverly Contemplates Mortality in Adversity

Graduation Cleverly Contemplates Mortality in Adversity


Graduation, a Romanian film directed, produced, and written by Cristian Mungiu, grapples with ethical dilemmas, heartbreaks, and the pitfalls of cyclical corruption. Set in a small city in Romania, Graduation depicts a series of events that unfold after Eliza (Maria Drăguș), the daughter of Romeo Aleda (Adrian Titieni), is sexually assaulted outside of her school….

<i>The Promise</i>: A Love Affair Overshadowed by Atrocity

The Promise: A Love Affair Overshadowed by Atrocity


Over a million and a half Armenian men, women, and children were killed between 1915 and 1923. Distracted by the atrocities of World War I, the world turned a blind eye to an entire population left to perish at the hands of its government and neighbors. The Ottoman government embarked on a systematic mass extermination…

<i>The Zookeeper’s Wife</i> proves Engaging despite Lack of Depth

The Zookeeper’s Wife proves Engaging despite Lack of Depth


Holocaust movies are often tough to watch, be it for the imminent death scenes lurking around the corner or the constant violent, even exploitative, displays of injustice, torture, and overall inhumanity. That said, The Zookeeper’s Wife is the untold story of Antonina Zabinski, a Polish woman whom with her husband, Jan, and young son, Ryszard,…

Despite Its Compelling Scandal, <i>Gold</i> Falls Flat

Despite Its Compelling Scandal, Gold Falls Flat


Any scandal should be the perfect recipe for a compelling drama, and Gold is based on one of the greatest frauds in history, the 1993 Bre-X mining scandal. This is a story that involves hundreds of millions of dollars lost and lives ruined. But somehow Stephen Gaghan, whose past works include Traffic (2000) and Syriana…

<i>How to Be Single</i>: Fun, Energetic, and Relevant

How to Be Single: Fun, Energetic, and Relevant


A film depicting the single life of millennials was long overdue. We are constantly bombarded with articles that talk about the different ways our generation views love and enters into relationships. So of course, Hollywood jumped on it with How to Be Single. Luckily for them, a wonderful cast made this movie not only an…

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