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<i>Suburbicon</i> is a Paradigm of Directorial Disaster

Suburbicon is a Paradigm of Directorial Disaster


When you cross a Coen Brother screenplay with a race-relations subplot set in the 1950s, things are bound to get a little interesting. However, in the case of Suburbicon, this intrigue is also accompanied by confusion and befuddlement. Director George Clooney fails to merge two majorly disparate plot-lines, and what ensues is a perplexing combination…

Jackie Chan Deserves Better in <i>The Foreigner</i>

Jackie Chan Deserves Better in The Foreigner


Action thriller The Foreigner marks the return of Jackie Chan to the silver screen. His last large role was in 2010 with The Karate Kid, but he’s had minor roles in both The Lego Ninjago Movie and the Kung Fu Panda series and is still very active in Chinese cinema. The director of The Foreigner…

<i>Goodbye Christopher Robin</i> Grapples With War and Public Persona

Goodbye Christopher Robin Grapples With War and Public Persona


Goodbye Christopher Robin tells the story of A.A. Milne (Domhnall Gleeson), the former playwright and creator of Winnie the Pooh. Going into the movie, one may think that this subject matter may lead to an entirely light-hearted and carefree cinematic experience. After all, what could be more wholesome than Winnie the Pooh? This expectation is…

<i>Happy Death Day</i> Kills It As A Comedy

Happy Death Day Kills It As A Comedy


Calling Happy Death Day a horror movie is a bit of a stretch. It has its fair share of jump scares, screams, and murder, but when the entire audience erupts in laughter at least five times in the first thirty minutes, it’s clear that this was misbranding.   The film centers around Tree Gelbman (Jessica…

<i>American Made</i> Fails to Address Sensitive Issues

American Made Fails to Address Sensitive Issues


From the very first scene, viewers of American Made know what they are getting themselves into as Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) deliberately startles the sleeping passengers on board by taking the plane he is piloting off autopilot. Seal is not a character who cares about danger or other people’s lives — he just wants to…

<i>Kingsman: The Golden Circle</i> Is Too Much of a Good Thing

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Is Too Much of a Good Thing


Few films are made with as little restraint as Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Writer and director Matthew Vaughn manages to squeeze jaw-dropping action, political commentary, Elton John, betrayals, relationship drama, an over-the-top villain, sacrifices, and a massive cast into two hours and twenty minutes. The result is a film that feels so overstuffed that it’s…

<i>mother!</i> Lives Up To Its Peculiar Reputation

mother! Lives Up To Its Peculiar Reputation


In mother!, Darren Aronofsky flaunts his aptitude for making controversial films that leave some people fascinated and others irritated. The leading actors Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem have already sparked a buzz about the movie’s potential Oscar nomination. There’s nothing inherently wrong with weird movies, but the confusing nature of this unexpected horror film leaves…

<i>It</i> Captivates with both Scares and Laughs

It Captivates with both Scares and Laughs


Adapting a Stephen King novel is never an easy task. Most directors have struggled with walking a fine line between creative liberty and adherence to the source material. When filmmakers work hard to create a movie that will please both King fans and the general public, it can go a long way, as evidenced by…

Despite Strong Lead, <i>Patti Cake$</i> is Nothing New

Despite Strong Lead, Patti Cake$ is Nothing New


Fluorescent green light cuts through billowing smoke as producer O-Z (Sahr Ngaujah) introduces Patti (Danielle MacDonald) — Killa P — onstage. The crowd roars with approval as Patti ambles onstage. Suddenly, an alarm blares and Patti groggily comes into reality. We watch her morning routine as she makes her way through her small, dingy house,…

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