Concert Preview: Flying Lotus in 3D, Nov. 5, Echostage

October 29, 2017

Photo Source: Brainfeeder

Since releasing his debut album, 1983, eleven years ago, Flying Lotus (born Steven Ellison) has rocketed to the elite of a very distinct and unorthodox community of musicians, directors, and artists. The increasing success of his five albums brought him progressively higher-profile collaborations and greater acclaim, culminating in work with Thundercat, Kamasi Washington, Kendrick Lamar, and Snoop Dogg on his latest album You’re Dead! (2014). In the years following this widely lauded project, Flying Lotus directed the controversial and divisive film Kuso and began experimenting with new styles of performance. He began working with 3D Live in the summer of 2017 on a 3D show experience, which he debuted in July at the FuckYeahFest in Los Angeles.

Flying Lotus has since taken the show on tour, and will be performing at Echostage on Sunday, Nov. 5. In interviews about the show, he has indicated that every show on the tour will feature heavy improvisation and unrehearsed light and projection work. “All the shows will be different…. It’s like we’re jamming together” he said in an interview with Pigeons and Planes. In the same interview, he said that an express goal of using 3D was to create a show that could only be experienced through one’s eyes and ears, rather than through a smartphone camera or screen. Flying Lotus’ acclaimed work and bold vision coincide for one of the most unique concert events of the year, and should prove to be both entertaining and groundbreaking.

Flying Lotus will be performing at Echostage on Sunday, Nov. 5; doors are at 7 PM, and tickets can be found here.

Gustav Honl-Stuenkel
College class of 2020. Culture and music writer and peanut M&M fiend. Minneapolis native.

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