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The Weekly List: For When You Can’t Help But Feel A Little Lovesick

September 24, 2018

Whether you’re infatuated with that cutie you keep on seeing on Lau 3 or feel yourself falling for the international student in your gov discussion section: we’ve all been there. This one goes out to you.

  1. Banes World: “You Say I’m in Love”

/ You say I’m in love. I say I’m a fool. /

For when your emotions have you feeling a little foolish. Validate them.


  1. Mac Demarco: “No Other Heart”

/ Well for one, her heart belongs to another. And no other heart will do. /

For when you can’t help but pine over what could be the love of your life. And they can’t help but love someone else.


  1. Rex Orange County: “Happiness”

/ I’ll be the one that stays ’till the end. And I’ll be the one that needs you again /

For the times spent indulging in your own infatuation.


  1. Her’s: “Cool with You”

/ Silk skin lovers danced with diamonds in their hands /

For those nights when you don’t want anything more than to be with your love.


  1. Arctic Monkeys: “I Wanna Be Yours”

/ You call the shots babe, I just wanna be yours /

For the days when all you can think of is your special someone, and everything you can hope to be for them.


  1. Frank Ocean: “Ivy”

/ The start of nothing, I had no chance to prepare, I couldn’t see you coming /

For those emotional nights spent reminiscing on what was and what could have been.


  1. Rex Orange County: “Best Friend”

/ I wanna be the one that makes your day, the one you think about as you lie awake /

For the moments when you can’t help but rely on wishful thinking. Manifest that shit.


  1. Electric Light Orchestra: “Mr. Blue Sky”

/ See how the sun shines brightly in the city on the streets where once was pity /

And, finally, for the day it actually happens with your special someone. Go on and celebrate.




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